The Safegem community continues to make progress!

The Safegem Community Team is continuing to check off accomplishments and is working towards many more.
During September we saw tremendous growth in our Twitter followers. In a little more than a month we grew the new Safegem Twitter account from 1000 followers to 25,000+ followers and we continue to add more every day.

The Team was able to successfully negotiate and implement two new Exchange Listings. Safegem is now listed on the FEG Exchange as well as our first CEX listing with We are anxiously awaiting the listing to integrate with CMC and anticipate tremendous growth once that happens. We have several other exchange listings in the pipeline that we are working on as well.

A new utility/purpose has been added to the Safegem project. We are excited as this allow us to collectively work to support and promote the entire crypto community.

We will provide an affordable platform for developers to promote new and existing projects.

We will provide a place for the Safegem community to research and discuss all the projects that we deem to be Gems.

We are making progress and working towards the launch of the new website as well as the NFT marketplace. Updates regarding the launch of these items will be coming very soon!