In our 4th days of existence, we made important steps tow

In our 4th days of existence, we made important steps towards the growth of our beautiful project. While it may seem that today was quiet, our team worked without a break on building the Safegem products and the necessary collaborations to back our fast-paced growth.​​

Here are some of the statistics on how we are pacing as of today:

  • Over 5.500 holders
  • 56,623,703,906,593,000 Tokens burned
  • 2.100 members on our Telegram group
  • 700 Twitter followers

All this in 4 days. We are humbled by these encouraging stats showing the incredible community that embraced Safegem, and in the same time motivates the team to keep delivering on its promises while remaining transparent and close to our community.

Operational and product developments:

  • We are in the final stages of discussions with a professional designer team to strengthen our visual design game.
  • An exciting contest is in the making, targeting the most creative meme makers in the crypto space, stay tuned!
  • Our blockchain ninja is adding final touches to the multi-signature wallet which will be implemented in the next couple of days.
  • We have started the architectural design for our mobile application.
  • For more information about our project, please check our introductory medium article here
  • Reddit Articles posted to get the word out there – Please UPVOTE here
  • Blockfolio voting is still going on – Please UPVOTE for listing here