Safegem is now a community-driven project

Today, Safegem is 2 months old. The team is overwhelmed and incredibly thankful for the community’s support and adoption of this project. For the past 2 months, the team was working tirelessly to make this project a reality. Today, the sign-ups for our private beta testing phase will be open 🙂

As a gift to our amazing community, the #safegem team has decided to listen to the pressing voice of the community and we’ll fall in the line of the tokens that are 100% community-owned and community-driven, since we believe that everyone has and should have an equal voice and this is crucial to the growth of the project. Safegem is by the community and for the community!

For anyone wondering, the team did not use anything from its developer wallets because multiple threats were addressed to the team not to use them. Same with our marketing wallet. Under these conditions, the development of any project is made impossible and the team has decided to place the project in the safe and competent hands of the community. The members of the team will remain part of the community and it will be up to all the investors and the entire community to market the token and help it grow.

The ownership being renounced purely means that the liquidity pool cannot be rug-pulled, it is 100% untouchable. This also means the contract cannot be modified (for better or worse). More than that, it means that a massive burn event has taken place, and all dev wallets were burned! Through this, an incredible amount of over 80% of the Safegem total supply is already burned, making it one of the fastest burning coins on the crypto market!

This is the ultimate test of the community, that can step up and show their true faith in the potential of this project but it’s also a huge opportunity for anyone wishing to revolutionize an entire industry since the use case of the project is and remains one of most unique ones available on the market!

Everyone should see this as a huge door opener for the success of the project, our active community is filled with competent professionals that now can make a difference! We also believe, that this way the community will have the much-needed motivation, and when a community is strong enough, they can move mountains!

Renouncement FAQs answered

Does this mean the project is dead?

Absolutely not! The community is filled with competent professionals that already volunteered to work on the project and its products. The use case of the project is very unique and has great potential and the community should leverage that.

Why did you decide to renounce ownership?

Ownership renouncement was always planned for Safegem since it was always meant to be a community-owned project. Safegem is the team’s first and only crypto project that they ever worked on. They had the firm belief that the project’s development will be funded by the developer wallets, although we needed to face the reality that the community does not accept using them. We did not have hidden wallets, and the team already invested a huge amount into the success of the project by paying for marketing, funding V2 liquidity, and paying for the design and development. This is not something that can be sustained long term under these conditions. We were trying to do a good and honest thing, but the community’s wishes are different and we must respect that.

What will happen in the future?

Countless coins are succeeding as community-driven projects. Community means strength and power and a project is only as successful as its community. If the community is willing to work for the success of the project, it will be extremely successful.