Safegem is moving forward

Hello Safegem Army,

To say a lot has transpired since our last news update would be an understatement. We as a community driven team have embraced the changes, never looked back and have continued to move forward.

  • We have been steadfast about recruiting talented members within the Safegem community that can contribute their skills and experience to this project. To date we have over 25 committed members working on the Safegem project/team in one form or fashion.

    This includes:
    • App Developers and programming experts
    • Graphic designers & Web developers
    • Marketing and Promotion experts
    • Operations experts
    • Senior Level Executives
    • Business Owners
  • The launch of this new website – Updated logo as well as updated content. This website will be updated regularly and will be a central hub for information about Safegem and how to buy Safegem.
  • The launch of new Safegem social media accounts including – Twitter and Pinterest.
  • We have welcomed in new moderators from the community to be active in Telegram and Reddit.
  • Weekly community chat sessions on Telegram where the Team is sharing information and answering any questions asked by participants. Stay posted to this website, Reddit, Twitter and Telegram for date and times of these events.
  • The creation of a secondary community funded marketing wallet. This wallet will be used for various marketing and promotion opportunities. The wallet address will be made available for anyone interested in donating to it and any amount is appreciated.
  • We are days away from completing the migration of the Marketing wallet from the original developer team to a new multi signature wallet. The multi signature wallet will require multiple community members to approve any usage of funds for projects.
  • An upcoming formal AMA to introduce members of the Team, discuss the state of Safegem as well as future plans and ideas revolving around the use case.