Safegem was launched on April 27th of 2021, by a team of blockchain enthusiasts, with more than 10 years of experience in software development, finance, marketing, and operations.

Safegem is a frictionless, high-yield generation protocol combined with continuous permanent burn. Safegem has two functions that take place during each trade: Reflection and Continuous Burn. 6% of each transaction is redistributed to its holders, and 5% is burned.

Safegem differentiates itself from other alt coin projects as it is community owned and operated by a team of professionals set on taking it to new horizons. Our team is built on a set of guiding principles centered around key values like professionalism, transparency, dedication to community and delivering on their promises.

The project’s utility and purpose is centered around 3 distinct functions.

  1. Safegem Store, our NFT Marketplace
  2. Creating our own crypto wallet for the safekeeping of all the coins you consider to be Gems.
  3. Creating a web-based platform that is friendly towards the entire DeFi Crypto Community.

We are a safe and affordable place for project owners to promote their projects.

A place where the community can review the great new and existing projects that we consider to be a Gems.